Saturday, 12 July 2008

Quran Against Christians Part 14

What does TOLERANT and PEACE LOVING Quran tell its followers about Christians?


lindagdd said...

Good video..


Ashraf Sheikh said...

for sure u born for KHANZIR,,which u love to eat..InshaAllah "ALLAH"(SWT) will curse u here in this life very badly and after your death in Jahannum,,because you telling all lies,sure million KHANZIR FUCK UR MOTHER AND U BORN,,U NAMELESS BASTERD..

scaedugengan said...

Ashraf.. lol you're sad.. You just responded in exactly the way that Al Rassooli said that Muslims would. No logic, evidence or thought.. Just insecurity and hate. Go and abuse some women in the name of Allah so you can look forward to shagging some virgins... lol..Moslem men are so insecure they can't cope with a real woman. What's the matter you worried you might have a smaller cock or something??