Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Aisha: Child Rape Part 181

Did Muhammad marry or RAPE a child girl called Aisha?


DMartyr said...

A disturbing chapter. Though, I'm surprised Youtube yanked it so quickly.

Al Salibiyyah

IslamSINS said...

"mother came to me"
"while I was being swung on a swing"
"My nurse took over"
"wiped my face"
"Muhammad was sitting on a bed"
"made me sit on his lap"
"The Prophet consummated"
"I was nine years old"
Sahih Muslim, Book 8, Number 3309, 3310, 3311 ... Sunan Dawud, B41N4915, 4916, 4917

Muhammad was a child molesting sexual predator. There's no way to clean him up. He is the premier swine in the pigsty of islam.

DMartyr said...

True, islamsins, but unfortunately modern day muhammadans view him as their perfect example.

How sad for the victims of islam.

Robert said...

Well said DMartyr one of the more recent episodes:

Shiarose said...

Aisha was not 9.The hadith is fabricated.Probably by pedophiles who wanted excuse to have child brides...
Aisha was between 18-20 when she got married according to historical facts...At that time they didn't know when they had birthday and what year they were born.

See these videos and get facts right before judging...If Muhammed saws was a pedo(audobillah)he would have many socalled "girls" of 9 yrs.Also it doesn't say she was 9 yrs old...It said in hadith she said she was a YOUNG GIRL.

Shiarose said...

Thanks to fabricated hadiths like that many hate islam and call Muhammed saws a child molestor before they get the facts right.