Sunday 19 October 2008

Muhammad's Anti Semitism Part 175

Why was Muhammad Anti Semitic?

Muhammad & Satan Part 174

Why did Muhammad need Satan?

Furthest Mosque Part 173 B

Was the Furthest Mosque the Temple of Solomon?

Furthest Mosque Part 173A

Was the Furthest Mosque the Temple of Solomon?

Jihad & Crusades Part 172

Is it a fact that the Arabs & Muhammadans hate the West & Christians only because of the Crusades?

Islamic Scholars Part 171

Are there Islamic Scholars that we can trust to tell us the facts about Muhammad or his Quran?

Rebutting OZZYCDA Part 170

Our series is being embedded with videos from Muhammadans alleging deception on our part. Is this a FACT?

Confirming Previous Revelations Part 169

Are the Hebrew Bible & Gospels CORRUPTED or the same as at the time of Muhammad?

Clash of Civilizations 168

Is the world witnessing a Clash of Civilizations or a Clash of Religious Beliefs?

Quran's Flat Earth Part 167

Modern Muhammadan scholars tell the world that the Quran KNEW about the seven spherical layers of the earth 1400 years ago. Is this true?