Thursday 31 July 2008

"Be ye Apes & Pigs..." Part 113

Is it true, as Muhammadan clerics claim, that the Quran asserts that Jews & Christians are descended from Apes & Pigs?

Muhammad & Miracles Part 112

Did Muhammad actually perform ANY miracles as detailed in the Hadiths?

No Two Religions in Arabia Part 111

If Muhammadan Islam is a TOLERANT Belief System; why then is no OTHER religion tolerated on the soil of Arabia?

Nikah al Mut'a OR Islamic Prostitution Part 110

Muhammad always found ways to circumvent any and all CONTRADICTIONS he created in his Quran.

"To Fornicate or not to FORNICATE, that is the Question" that Muhammad needed to answer !

Europe Died in Auschwitz Part 109

Will Muhammadan Islam CONQUER Europe without a POITIER?

Ashura or Yom Kippur Part 108

Why did Muhammad FAST on the most solemn day of the Jews?

FITNA J'Accuse Part 107

Attacking FITNA is a DISTRACTING side show for the Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims.

It is ACTUALLY a test of our RESOLVE.

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Muhammadan Islam : A Culture of Death Part 106

How is it possible to speak of Muhammadan Islam as a religion of peace when the Quran repeatedly asserts that DEATH is better than LIFE ?

Order of Suras Part 105

If the Quran were the UNALTERABLE words of Allah, why then are the SURAS not in the ORDER of their revelation ?

Muslims' : Reversal of Roles Part 104

If the BIBLE were to RECITE similar verses against Muhammadan Muslims/ Believers as those found in the Quran against so called Unbelievers, how would they, in all HONESTY, address the issue?

" Enemy of Allah " Part 103

Whenever Muhammad wanted someone SILENCED, he issued a WARRANT to ASSASSINATE him or her by labeling them “Enemy of Allah” !

Allah's Daughters Part 102

Al Lat, Al Uzza & Al Manat are the Daughters that were the subject of the SATANIC VERSES!

Muhammad & Terror Part 101

Humanity is regaled with stories describing Muhammad’s peace-loving and compassionate characteristics.

Are they TRUE?

Muhammad's Megalomania Part 100

Was Muhammad the HUMBLE and down to Earth man that his followers would like us to believe ?

Safa & Marwa: 'Islam' & Paganism Part 99

Did Muhammad bring a new religion to the world, or just ARABIAN PAGANISM disguised as 'Islam' ?

Paradise is Under the Shades of Swords Part 98

Humanity is assured by the followers of Muhammad and their fellow travellers that ‘Islam’ is a PEACEFUL belief system.

Let us investigate together!

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Muhammad & Gabriel Part 97

Did the pagan Arabs & Muhammad have any previous knowledge of the angel Gabriel ?

Let There be Light Part 96

And GOD said "Let there be Light, and there was LIGHT" !

Let there be Freedom of 'Conscience & no Arbitrary Censorship'

Muhammad & Deception Part 95

Did Muhammad EVER keep his part of any agreement ?

Rajam or Stoning Verse Part 94

If the Quran were divinely revealed and UNCORRUPTED, why then is the STONING verse among the MISSING verses?

Muhammad the Pagan Part 93

Is it TRUE that Muhammad was NEVER a PAGAN?

Suckling a Grown Man or Rath’at al Kabir Part 92

The women of Muhammadan Islam are FORBIDDEN from exposing their HAIR in public but not prohibited from SUCKLING a total STRANGER !

"...Slew the Whole World..." Part 91

After the London bombings, Muhammadan luminaries gave speeches about peaceful Islam.

Were they telling the TRUTH?

Manifest ERRORS in the Quran Part 90

Muhammadans tell the world that their Quran is PERFECT because it is diviney revealed.

Is this a FACT?

Muhammad & Astronomy Part 89

Was Muhammad truly the GENIUS that his followers claim he was?

Sunday 27 July 2008

Days of Creation in the Quran Part 88

Why does the Quran mention EIGHT Days of Creation instead of the original SIX ?

Jesus in the Quran Part 87

With ONE single verse, the Quran completely DESTROYS the fundamentals of Christianity!

Mu'allaqat or Pre Islamic Poetry Part 86

These poems PROVE that the prose of Muhammad’s Quran is not DIVINE!

Muhammad's Surgeries Part 85

Find out WHY Muhammad needed SEVERAL surgeries!

Saturday 26 July 2008

Islam Before Muhammad Part 84

Contrary to Muhammadan PROPAGADA, the CONCEPT of Islam existed centuries BEFORE Muhammad & his Quran!

Messengers & Prophets Part 83

What, according to the Arabic language is the DIFFERENCE between Messengers & Prophets ?

Was Muhammad Predicted in the Bible? Part 82

The Quran states that Muhammad was PREDICTED in the Torah & the Gospels.

Is this TRUE?

Poitier: Saviour Battle Part 81

This single battle, changed the course of European History & saved Christianity from Muhammadan Islam!

Muhammad's Sunna: His Deeds Sayings & Instructions Part 80

Muhammadan Muslims ACCUSE & DENIGRATE the Christians for Black Slavery.

What ACTUALLY are the FACTS?

Fall of Adam Part 79

Why does the Quran assert that Adam FELL from the Garden of Eden in HEAVEN where as the Biblical original states that it was on Earth?

Missing Verses in Quran Part 78

If the Quran is supposed to be INVIOLATE, why then does it have an numerous number of MISSING verses?

Miriam OR Mary ? Part 77

Was Mary the MOTHER of Jesus also the SISTER of Moses & Aaron?

Debating Muhammadans! Part 76

Can anyone DEBATE with any Muhammadan Muslim and get a RATIONAL discussion?

We have so far, found NONE.

Ten Plagues OR Ten Commandments? Part 75

How could the alleged prophet of Allah mix up the TEN Plagues with the TEN Commandments?

Muhammad's Psychological Profile Part 74

The Psychological Profile of every human being is the product of all the influences that affected its upbringing from birth to maturity.

Muhammad was not different.

Apostasy or Ridda Wars Part 73

Hundreds of ‘Revealed’ verses of the ‘INVIOLATE’ Quran were lost with their slaughtered MEMORIZERS in these wars among the Arabs.

The Promised Land in the Quran Part 72

Does Allah in the Quran ASSERT the right of the Israelites to their land?

Good & Bad Muslims ? Part 71

Who according to the Quran are considered the BEST Muhammadan Muslims?

Read OR Recite? Part 70

What ACTUALLY did Gabriel allegedly tell Muhammad to do?

Ilm OR Knowledge Part 69

It is NOT TRUE that the Quran teaches its followers to learn the Sciences, Arts & General Knowledge!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Hagar & Ishmael Part 68

Were Hagar & Ishmael the progenitors of the Arabs as they claim?

Did they EVER set foot in Arabia?

Dilemma of Muhammadan Muslims Part 67

Since Muhammadan Muslims cannot ARTICULATE a FACTUAL defense of their beliefs, they invariably resort to a METHODOLOGY of Insults & Red Herrings.

Gabriel or Jibril Part 66

Where from did Muhammad PLAGIARIZE the concept of the angel Gabriel?

Ka'ba or Solomon's Temple? Part 65

If the Ka’ba was Allah’s FIRST HOUSE, why was Muhammad's FIRST Qibla towards JERUSALEM?

Is Islam a Cult or a Religion? Part 64

Is Muhammadan Islam actually a RELIGION?

Let there be no Compulsion in Religion Part 63

Does the Quran in reality, support FREEDOM of CONCIENCE?

Allah's Chosen People Part 62

Who are Allah’s Chosen People?

Listen & be SURPRISED!

Fight/Kill/Slay in the Quran Part 61

Is it TRUE that the Quran is a book of PEACE?

Anything New in the Quran? Anything? Part 60

The Quran is allegedly SUPERIOR to the Bible.

Does the Quran reveal ANYTHING new of value?

Saturday 19 July 2008

Muhammad the Coward Part 59

We are REGALED by Muhammad’s followers about his astounding bravery.

Are these FACTS?

Quran Unravelled Part 58B

A TWO part IRREFUTABLE summary DISPROVING the alleged DIVINE origin of the Quran.

Part B

Quran Unravelled Part 58A

A TWO part IRREFUTABLE summary DISPROVING the alleged DIVINE origin of the Quran.

Jizya or Poll Tax Part 57

Not only were the lands of the People of the Book OCCUPIED by the Muhammadan Arabs, they added Insult to Injury by permanently HUMILIATING them.

Made to Order Revelations Part 56

Allah was ALWAYS at the Beck & Call of Muhammad whenever he needed a 'REVELATION'!

Muhammad & Arabia's News Media Part 55

Even after the lapse of 1400 years, Muhammadan Muslim governments slavishly REPLICATE Muhammad's METHODS.

Seven Versions of the Quran Part 54

The SCRIPTUES of the Hebrews, Christians, Zoroasterians etc were revealed in ONE version. Why NOT the Quran?

Allah & his Aposle Know Best! Part 53

It was during his Madina period that Muhammad invariably ASSOCIATED himself on an EQUAL footing with Allah!

The Christians of Arabia Part 52

Contrary to the FALSIFIED explanations of Muhammadan ‘scholars’, the Christians of Arabia were actually NATIVE Arabs.

Biblical Names in the Quran Pat 51

Did Muhammad and his PAGAN Arabs know anything about the Bible BEFORE Muhammad’s ALLEGED revelations?

Battle of Yamama Part 50

In this battle, HUNDREDS of Quran MEMORIZERS were slaughtered and with them hundreds of verses of the Quran.

How dare the followers of Muhammad to claim, that the Quran that we have today is COMPLETE?

Isaac OR Ishmael? Part 49

If the Quran was truly revealed by God, how then is it LOGICAL that its version CONTRADICTS the very Bible if BOTH the the Bible & the Quran were revealed by the SAME divinity?

Male Muhammadan Characteristics Part 48

Why do the MALE followers of Muhammad exhibit almost IDENTICAL characteristics irrespective of culture, race, colour or sect?

Ancestry of the Arabs Part 47

Are the Arabs truly RELATED to Abraham & Ishmael?

Let us separate MYTHS from FACTS.

Altered 'Revelations' of Muhammad Part 46

Were the alleged revelations when transcribed exactly as first recited by Muhammad, or were some deliberately ALTERED to rhyme?

The 'Jews' of Arabia Part (45 B)

Who ACTUALLY were the 'Jews' of Arabia ?

Why did Muhammad REVILE them so much in his Quran?

Friday 18 July 2008

The 'Jews' of Arabia Part (45 A)

Who ACTUALLY were the 'Jews' of Arabia?

Why did Muhammad in his Quran REVILE them so much?

Was Muhammad Illiterate? Part 44

To prove the alleged divine origin of the Quran, the followers of Muhammad assert that Muhammad was ILLITERATE.

Was he?

Muhammad the Forgetful Part 43

Contrary to his portrayal as the PERFECT man by his followers, Muhammad was prone to a lot of failings.

Mein Kampf & Quran Part 42

What did Hitler learn from Muhammad’s Quran Sunnah?

Muhammad the Sinful Part 41

Was Muhammad without SIN as his followers claim?

Allah's 10% Share of Muhammad's Plunder Part 40

If Allah were GOD, why would he need a SHARE of the plunder committed by Muhammad & his murderous followers?

Arab & Islamic Imperialism Part 39

The Arabs are the LONGEST LASTING Imperialist power in history of 1400 years unto the present day.

Muhammad & Knowledge Part 38

Was Muhammad the GENIUS that his followers claim?

Thursday 17 July 2008

Biblical Corruptions Allegations Part 37

The Muhammadans claim that the Hebrew Bible & New Testament were CORRUPTED by their followers.

Are these FACTS?

Compilation of the Quran Part 36

The 'Muslims' assert that the current Quran is EXACTLY the same as that allegedly revealed to Muhammad 1400 years ago.

How TRUE is this?

Fifty Prayers a Day Part 35

Was it out of LOVE that Allah prescribed 50 prayers a day to Muhammad & his followers?

Khadijah & Muhammadan Islam Part 34

Muhammadan Scholars, because of their gender discrimination, do not dwell on Khadijah’s SINGULAR importance for her theological and financial contributions to Muhammad’s ability to succeed.

Muhammad's Compassion & Mercy Part 33

Was Muhammad as Compassionate & Merciful as his followers want us to believe?9

And Then it was Revealed Part 32

If Muhammad was a prophet, why then were almost ALL of the verses of the Quran ‘revealed’ AFTER the alleged events mentioned and not BEFORE?

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Taqiya or Islamic Subterfuge Part 31

Can the followers of Muhammad ever be LOYAL to the Peoples & Institutions of the KUFFAR/INFIDELS or UNBELIEVERS?

The 72 Virgins Part 30

Neither Allah nor Gabriel ever told Muhammad about the alleged reward of the Seventy Two Virgins.

The Satanic Verses Part 29

Is it TRUE that Satan was able to DECEIVE Muhammad?

Was Muhammad the Last Prophet? Part 28

Misrepresenting & Misinterpreting the ACTUAL meaning of words is one of the numerous means by which Muhammadan Muslims have been DECEIVING humanity.

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Foreign Words in Quran Part 27

How FACTUAL are Muhammadan assertions that the Quran is written in PURE Arabic?

The Charter of Umar Part 26

Muhammadan leaders assert to the world that their Islam is a TOLERANT Belief System.

Is this born by the historical record?

Monday 14 July 2008

Suicide in Islam Part 25

According to Muhammadan Islam, those who BLOW themselves up actually end up in HELL and NOT with the 72 VIRGINS!

Satanic Quran Part 24

What part does the Quran play in the character formation of its followers?

Sunday 13 July 2008

Quran vs Bible Contradictions Part 23

If Allah revealed BOTH the Bible & the Quran, and if Allah is God, then how is it possible that the Quran CONTRADICT the Bible?

Quran Against Arabs Part 22

The Quran is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY hatemongering text, even about its own Arabs.

Myth of Islamic Civilization Part 21

How TRUE are Muhammadan claims about their so called Islamic Civilization?

Islam & African Slavery Part 20

Muhammadan Muslims DENIGRATE the Christians for Black Slavery.

What are the FACTS?

Abrogating & Abrogated Verses in the Quran Part 18

If Allah is God, why then is he NOT Omniscient?

Predestination in the Quran Part 17

How does the DOCTRINE of Pre-Destination affect the Cult of Muhammadan Islam?

Quran Against Jews Part 16

What does TOLERANT & PEACELOVING Quran tell its followers about Jews?

Saturday 12 July 2008

Night Journey or Laylat al Isra Part 15

Muhammadans tell the generally IGNORANT world, that the Quran reveals that Muhammad was PHYSICALLY transported to JERUSALEM.

Was he?

Quran Against Christians Part 14

What does TOLERANT and PEACE LOVING Quran tell its followers about Christians?

Al Hijab or the Veil Part 13

We are told by the Muhammadans that the HIJAB is mandated in the Quran.

Can ANYONE find the verse or chapter of Hijab in the Quran?

What is the Ka'ba? Part 12

Is the HOLIEST shrine of Muhammadan Islam, the Ka'ba, actually a PAGAN TEMPLE?

The Black Stone Part 11

Why do the followers of Muhammad continue to REVERE the meteorite that was worshipped by the Pagan Arabs?

Challenge To all HUMANITY Part 10

We are accused by those who do not agree with our series of LYING.

We have a challenge to any and ALL of them.

PUT up or SHUT up!

Was Muhammad a Prophet? Part 9

A prophet is one who FORETELLS the FUTURE.

Did Muhammad PREDICT anything?

Sunday 6 July 2008


Islamophobia actually means FEAR of Islam - its TEACHINGS - & NOT of Muslims, should it be a legitimate and real condition among the so called UNBELIEVERS?

Jihad in Islam Part 7

In spite of all the TV images and acts of death, butchery & destruction committed by JIHADISTS all over the world, we are assured by the followers of Muhammad that these are contrary to the Quran.

Are they?

Saturday 5 July 2008

Muhammad's Madina Period Part 6B

Most people are CONFUSED when they read or listen to Quranic verses that are SUBLIME and then to others that are VILE., because they are totally ignorant of the FACT that there were TWO distinct periods of Muhammad’s alleged revelations, the MECCA Period followed by the MADINA Period, the verses of which ABROGATED/ OVERTURNED 62.28% of those of the Mecca ones.

Friday 4 July 2008

Muhammad's Mecca Period Part 6A

Most people are CONFUSED when they read or listen to Quranic verses that are SUBLIME and then to others that are VILE, because they are totally ignorant of the FACT that there were TWO distinct periods of Muhammad’s alleged revelations, the MECCA Period followed by the MADINA Period, the verses of which ABROGATED/ OVERTURNED 62.28% of those of the Mecca ones.

Who is Allah? Part 4

Most followers of Muhammad as well as so called Unbelievers, do not KNOW that Allah was ONLY the NAME of the supreme rock god of the Quraysh and did NOT mean GOD!

Women in Islam Part 5

Scholars of Muhammadan Islam & some believing women, assure the world that they are treated with great respect & equality.

Is this TRUE?

Who is a Muslim? Part 3

Contrary to all claims by the followers of Muhammad, that they are the ONLY Muslims, the Quran & the Arabic language assert OTHERWISE.

Thursday 3 July 2008

Does Islam Mean Peace? Part 2

WE are assured by Muhammadans and their supporters that Islam means PEACE and is a PEACEFUL belief system. What are the FACTS & what is the Reality?

Tuesday 1 July 2008