Sunday 17 May 2009

Janissaries: Islam's White Slaves Part 206 A (A to B)

Muhammadan Muslims Enslaved Millions of Europeans as well as Africans

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Murray said...

The fundamental fact that the West MUST confront first is that the Koran is NOT a religious source. It is a 7th century ‘celestial’ battle manual devised, by a man named Muhammad as a new religious text for all mankind. He contrived it for the surrounding primitive Arab tribes to justify HIS 7th century war and to enlist their fanatical support for his cause. This pseudo-holy text still dupes over a billion people who have a propensity to accept this clannish document on faith as "Allah's last word".

Its message is war. Its biblical mistakes are indicative of Muhammad's scant knowledge of Christian folklore. (E.g. confusion of Mary Magdalene with Mary, mother of Christ) Such errors would not have happened if the Lord had authored the Bible as well as the Koran. So, I say nonsense to all those Muslim believers who believe that the Koran is God's final word for all of us.