Sunday 14 June 2009

Zionist Quran Part 209 B of (AB)

Believe it or not, when STUDYING Muhammad's Quran, it reveals itself to be truly Zionist


Unknown said...

mohammed said.
No more messages from allah.
No more messengers of allah.
The muslim allah has no spirit (holy spirit).
So, no more information of allah.

An entity that does not speak.
An entity that has no spirit.
It's a dead body.
Then the muslim allah is dead.
muslims worship a dead body.
It was mohammed who made the history.
That muhammad was "murdered" his own allah.
It was the last thing mohammed did.
Without this crime, islam does not exist.

In the spiritual world, good spiritual entities, are alive and active.

In islam, there is no other spiritual entities and the muslim allah is dead.

But the other Allah, the True, Original, Good, is Alive and Active.
(text translated by google)

tunisie said...

evry one can say any thing about any subject.
about religion you must be very careful.
islam is the religion of
1500 000 000 persons than if the riter is a " un illuminé" he is a raciste, stupid, not a man!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

islam is not a religion.
islam is satanism.
Muhammad himself was revealed to us that.
We must truly believe in what Mohammed revealed to us.

Unknown said...

Everything in Islam is insulting to Islam.
the word "Islam" is an insult to Moslem allah.
the word "allah" is an insult to Islam.
the mosques are insults to Muhammad.
The symbol is an insult to Muhammad, the Muslim Allah and Islam.
The Koran is a long list of insults to Muhammad.

Unknown said...

No Muslim knows Islam.
No Muslim believes in the revelations of Mohammed.
Muhammad showed us that he was completely ignorant.
Muhammad showed us that allah Mahometan was ignorant.
We must believe in what Mohammed revealed.

vin2009 said...

In Quran it clearly states how deaf dumb and blind people like you are. You don't even beleive that you were created from a drop of blood...(oh Albert Einstein didn't invent this)and how you formed from nothing to what you are now. It was revealed to Muhaamadh (SAW) 1400 years ago from Allah (God).

So get your balls working and learn the truth and stop this lies. or else you will end up burning for eternity from a fire that's 7 times hotter than earth's. And drink super hot water which will melt your belly but you will never die there. Just continous unbearble PAIN.

Are you scared? You better be...because THIS IS NOT scare tactics. This is reality... you dumb Islam haters.

Unknown said...

The Qur'an is a forgery.

No letter of the Koran was written by Mohammed.

Mohammed, write nothing, because Mohammed did not write.

Muhammad, himself, considered the Koran, the worst book.

"In Quran it clearly states how deaf dumb and blind people like you are."

In what?

We believe that the Moslem allah exists. It is evil.
We believe that Muhammad was his messenger.
We truly believe in what Mohammed revealed to us.
The biggest revelation is that Muhammadism is Satanism.

If the Moslem allah had all the powers.
Then, the Moslem allah had the satanic powers.
Then, the Moslem allah, had the power to lie.
Then, the Moslem allah, lied to Muhammad.
So, the Koran, is a lie.

And in Muhammadism, only the devil "speech."
In Muhammadism, there is no good and active spiritual entities.

In the spiritual world good, there are the good spiritual entities.