Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Islam & Muslim Rage Part 242

Is Muslim Rage Justified?


Newman said...

All honour to to you, IQ. You have shown great courage in speaking the truth. May G_d watch over you.

Ash Newman

Unknown said...

If you muslim then play the Bangla Waz mahfil.

Unknown said...

Why are Muslims always in a rage why can't they be happy like all other people?

Eaalim said...

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Amin said...

Does women have the obligation or can be forced to have relations with her husband’s brother, as in Judaism and Christianity?

Is stoning supported in the Bible?

Is there “honor killing” in the Qur’an, as there is in the Bible?

Do non-Muslims oppress women?

Is self-mutilation allowed in Islam, as it is in Christianity?

Is it okay for some Christians to be angry at God for allowing suffering?

4seer said...

Amin, your references to the Bible are irrelevant. We denounce those things and don't do them. We don't stone people to death, we don't lash people, sex before marriage is not against the law, we don't have blasphemy nor apostasy laws. I have had the same rights as men all my life and I can determine what I do in my life-I am responsible for my morals, ethics, behavior, and so on.

Stoning, lashing, blasphemy laws, gender segregation, lack of free expression and speech, forced dress upon women either by law or community and parental pressures, bans on numerous things, lack of women's rights I've had all my life, and depending on the country, lots of things that affect dating, marriage laws, divorce laws, dancing and men and women dancing together, food, attitudes towards purity and menstruation, shame and blame on women, especially for rape, a lot of chauvinism, lack of rights for homosexuals, and it goes on.

A problem Muslims have is that they do not denounce their violent and discriminatory verses or Muhammad's bad behaviors and Muhammad's immoral and hypocritical behaviors as seen both in the Qur'an and especially the Sunnah. Again, your comparing to the Bible is pointless because we don't follow those things and we readily say stoning is awful.

Do you denounce the numerous verses in the Qur'an that are against disbelievers, how they are considered "the worst of creatures," how they will be tortured in various sick ways in the Hellfire, that Muslims are told not to take us as friends and to lie to us by being friendly while keeping animosity in their hearts for us. Do you think forcing people to pay a jizya is OK? That's in the Qur'an. Do you think such dhimmitude was OK? How about the Day of Doom genocidal desires to kill all the Jews and all religions except Islam as ibn Kathir explains?

If you don't denounce or criticize all the negative things in Islam, then you have no reason to be comparing things to the Bible-that's just academic talk. What matters is what I've said...what happens now and why Muslims won't say, "I agree, those verses are bad and we don't agree with them." Until Muslims do say that, I have to assume that you agree with all the bad stuff in the Qur'an and Sunnah while Muslims try to justify it and ignore the truth of Islam and how it has operated.

So, do you agree with everything in the Qur'an and Sunnah or not?

4seer said...

Great, succinct video. Orianna Fallaci titled her book about Islam, "The Rage and the Pride" and you have helped explain that. She also talked about the Muslim mobs in Islamic countries. I've seen such mobs protest for someone's execution for alleged blasphemy or the latest movie they feel insulted by. No one acts so violently over this like Muslims do. Muslim organizations even tried to get Orianna Fallaci's book banned in France even though it's not particularly insulting but warning of the danger. Nothing she said hadn't been said anywhere else. It's like they auto-react over anything that will make Islam look bad or that they're taught to take offense at. That's not to say other religious people don't get mad about things but they don't kill atheists for criticizing Christianity and they don't get violent over some insulting movie-they do complain, but it's different and mostly vocal not mobs.

They didn't get her book banned, but then they wanted warning labels on it. That wasn't done either. Warning labels? It seems to many of us as Muslim organizations proliferate in western countries that they see any type of ban, or someone not putting up a Christmas tree so as to not hurt Muslims' feelings or lawsuits, mosque building...anything seems like triumphalism, getting one over on the kuffar, feeding a sense of superiority. That's how it appears to many of us. Muslims in the West ought to be saying, "Of course you shouldn't take down your Christmas tree, that's your custom and culture," but they don't say that. They didn't apologize to Parisiens when they made noise all night with calls to prayers and some form of singing at all hours during Ramadan. People need to sleep. They were trying to get money for a mosque and Muslims spilled out on the street, but no apologies to all those in the area that couldn't sleep. They complained to the mayor and he did nothing. They are in bed with Islam for sure, an old plan of Europe's from the 1970s and related to oil and economics.

Why are Muslims in western countries insensitive to how others feel and the impact they are having on our society? Why do they play victims when others are victims too? Why do many want to turn western countries into replicas of Islamic countries when those have obvious problems not due to foreign powers? They appear to have little ability to self-reflect. (A few do) They deny Middle Eastern history such as the huge Arab slave trade while they get on the case of our slavery. With these kinds of attitudes, Islam is just not good for the world and people won't have places to run to...it's like we'll all be in some miserable place. Many are told not to assimilate. They want to run schools and teach Arabic, Urdu, etc. and stay in contact with their home countries. This is just not how my immigrant grandparents were and who were Americans first before their nationality or religion. It's very worrisome and almost hard to believe for the 21st century.

Thank you for all your information. I happened to see a link to your website via someone's comment on an article. Cheers!

Amin said...

Do Muslims have to kill Jews and Christians just because they are not Muslims? Or is it only allowed in self-defense?

Do Christians teach concepts that are not from the Bible?

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