Wednesday 26 November 2008

Age of Consent Part 183

Is there a MINIMUM marriageable age?

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fredoniahead said...

More and more evidence comes to light as more and more scholars, researchers, and higher critics in general, delve into the sordid history that is Islam, finding that Muhammad, Aisha, Khadija, et. al may not have even existed at all.

They are fabrications of Bukhari and others who made up the Quran in bits and pieces through the course of the centuries.

Bukhari wrote two centuries after Muhammad allegedly died.

There is absolutely NO evidence of Khadija or any of her family existing other than the narratives expressed in the hadith and quran.

One would think a woman with her financial and business status would have left some sort of record behind somewhere. Nothing!.

Islam is an amalgam of the many thousands of anecdotes from twisted, perverted, and misogynistic Umayyad and Abbasid minds down through the early 8th to the 9th c.

One man could not possibly have been all of the things that have been purported to Muhammad.

He was a warlord, prophet, seer, pedophile, murderer, torturer, sex maniac, necrophile, and harbored just about every vile sin a human can possess.

He is more than likely the figment of the minds of al-Malik, Bukhari, ibn Ishaq, et. al. in order to propagate their new Arab religion they needed to eclipse and subjugate Christianity and Judaism. What was going through their women-hating mainds when they were establishing and building this insane "cult" one can only wonder.