Wednesday 26 November 2008

OUTRAGE Part 184

Why did U tube TERMINATE our chapter 181?

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Christian said...

Why did muhammad hate women that much???

I think the answer to that question equals the:"What is the difference between worshipping satan and worshipping god".

You can make men fear you. You can make them submit. You can break their backs and make them throw their faces to the ground.

But you cannot ever make a woman love you by raping her. By beating her up. You might steal the sanctity of her body. You might penetrate her. You can take away her dreams of being loved and desired by a man.

But you can never ever make her love you without you loving her back!

Muhammad was a tyrant. An ungodly man! He knew nothing whatsoever about love! It is very obvious that he atributed his lack of being loved to the women he abused and derided.

That is why he held men in such high regards and despised women.

A woman, your best friend. Serving you in love all your life. But thats not why he compared them to dogs or donkeys. It's because he had no love for any woman. He only needed them for the carnal pleasures they could give him.