Thursday 17 July 2008

Biblical Corruptions Allegations Part 37

The Muhammadans claim that the Hebrew Bible & New Testament were CORRUPTED by their followers.

Are these FACTS?


Reconciled! said...

Al Rassooli,

One of the MOST devastating arguments against Islam re: their fallacious claims that the The Holy Bible has been corrupted. In making such a foolish and illogical claim, the muslims acknowledge that their god is a weak and untrustworthy being, NOT worthy of The Title of "GOD". You don't have to be a genius to clearly see that Allah of the quran is NOT The GOD of The Holy Bible. Muslims are in a NO WIN situation because their quran claims that the GOD that Jews and Christians worship is also the same god that muslims worship, but when you review the so-called holy quran you quickly come to the conclusion that the author of these revelations are NOT the same Being. The GOD of The Old and New Testament Revelations is GOD ALMIGHTY, and the god of the quran is NOT god at all but an infinite inferior being who coveted GOD'S position and authority and was cast out of Heaven for having a sinful disposition and blaspheming THE GOD OF HEAVEN. Allah is NO GOD at all but a pathetic attempt by a fallen being to receive glory that belongs to GOD ALONE - THE CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. HE alone is worthy of All Glory, Honour, Praise, Adoration, Majesty, Worship, Respect, Love, Devotion, and everything else praise worthy of THE ALMIGHTY GOD. HE IS GOD AND THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM - Hallelujah!, Praise His HOly Name!

Bro. Dwight

lorigonzo said...

Brother Dwight, your comment is the best comment I've ever read, on any website. Perfect clarity. Thank you :)