Sunday 13 July 2008

Myth of Islamic Civilization Part 21

How TRUE are Muhammadan claims about their so called Islamic Civilization?


fredoniahead said...

God Bless You, IO, for saying that very well.

It's been 10 years since you posted much worse has it gotten?

In 2012, fatwas given in Egypt by lunatic Islamist leaders called for the destruction of the Pyramids and Sphinx, more pedophilia, banning of the greeting of Jews and Christians, etc.

And we're to believe this backward insanity led to great human advancements in technology and learning?.

How could anyone speak with a straight face of the so-called "Golden Age" of Islam.

Drinking camel piss and raping pre-pubescent girls does not lend itself to intellectual advancement.

Can we name any Muslim artists?. How about famous Muslim chess grandmasters?. How about famous Muslim inventors?. Nobel Prize winners?.

Like a virus, the only thing Islam produces is misery and more Islam.

limsiyuan said...

Its true. History is still alive in Muhammadan Islam. They have never contributed anything of value to Human civilization.

The muslims in my country progressed because of a secular government. I can't imagine if we were a muslim nation. All of us will still be living in the 7th Century.

Why are some muslin countries rich? Its the discovery of crude oil. Yet they were discovered not by the Muslim themselves but by the Americans. Without oil, how many will have the means to survive in the modern world?