Sunday 13 July 2008

Islam & African Slavery Part 20

Muhammadan Muslims DENIGRATE the Christians for Black Slavery.

What are the FACTS?


infidels watching said...

In America you have the choice if you so wish to believe in a false religion that was created by an insane, pedophile, rapist whom was married to a 9 yo little girl, that's your choice! I have a problem when you feel it's ok the rape, murder, enslave, molest in the name of religion.. That's when I step in, if I see ANY one of you touch ANYONE in a violent matter, I will kill you.. period! Blog that! Infidels watching... waiting...

Grace Joy said...

Dear Mr. al-Rassooli,

Your site was just recommended to me. A quick perusal shows me that it will be invaluable in my own fight against the Lies spread online by Mus lims & their Dhimmi enablers. That said, I find that this video, Is lam & African Sla very Part 20, doesn't work. Neither does Myth of Islamic Civilization Part 21. I haven't checked all the videos; & some DO work: I'm hoping there's a simple glitch.

One of my goals is to awaken American blacks who follow Farakhan, of the Nation of Is lam: Sla very is their biggest complaint against "whites, J ews, Chrstians, & Europeans (conveniently all of Is lam's enemies who have stopped its spread in the past); & they are Is lam's Trojan Horse in the USA.

I appreciate, though can't comprehend, the amount of work it must have taken to put everything together. I look forward to learning more (this last is not true. I resent very much that I must learn about this Cult of Satan in order to speak against it to the sleeping Kafirs).