Sunday 6 July 2008


Islamophobia actually means FEAR of Islam - its TEACHINGS - & NOT of Muslims, should it be a legitimate and real condition among the so called UNBELIEVERS?


Unknown said...

yes,for my point of vuew western
countries should ask muslims a new
koran beter than to listen to their
propaganda.Muslims are buying time
if they equalise the level in tech,
economy and edication with the west
ern and Russia.Belive or not this world will be the worst place to life.thank Mr Rassouli,because of
you gentlemen I find my bantou(Afrca name)back.

fredoniahead said...

This word is meaningless and is used in ad hominem attacks for propaganda purposes. Why?. Because it continually works on the weak.

The weak-minded cringe and fall all over themselves apologizing whenever they hear racist, Islamophobe, homophobe, etc, and it makes me sick to watch.

There is no longer any real pervasive racism in the US. The other two 'phobias' are made up words and mean nothing except to get a Pavlovian response. "homo" means the same. So, technically, homophobia would be fear of the same thing. Whatever it may be.

The truth is, if there are any kinds of extant phobia, it is Christophobia and Judeophobia. Christianity and Judaism are the real fear and hatred these scumbag heathen Muhammadans and their leftist bedfellows have, so throw it back at them. Blame them for being Christophobic and Judeophobic. They are, after all. Heck, they're afraid of everything except common decency.

I am an Islamophobe and I am proud. Don't think you'll evewr get an apology from me.