Sunday, 13 July 2008

Quran vs Bible Contradictions Part 23

If Allah revealed BOTH the Bible & the Quran, and if Allah is God, then how is it possible that the Quran CONTRADICT the Bible?


Unknown said...

you my friend are just the tipical christian tryining to make out your way is true but you only fool your self islam has the koran that is unchanged were in chritianity its been changed so many times we lost count and your relagion come from pagon beliefs 1+1+1=1 IDIOTES how can any one belive such crap you and ypur belifes smell like dog shit

lambdoid said...

There was no resurrection in the earliest Bible we have available. It was added at a later date. The body of Jesus was missing when Mary Magdalene went to visit the tomb, and that's where the story ends.

joeblack said...

MY GOD bless and protect you. You are a shining light on Islam. Truth is bitter, this is why Muslims cannot be happy with you