Sunday 3 August 2008

'Muslim' Counter Arguments Part 150

Why & How the followers of Muhammad INVARIABLY address their arguments in SIMILAR fashion in defense of their Cult Belief System.


Debabrata said...

It seems some well-meaning Muslims are sticking to the Meccan verses and ignoring the Medina ones. They keep asserting that according to the Quran, 'there is no compulsion in religion.' They don't usually stick around to hear the long story about how the above was abrogated by 'no other religion is acceptable,' and that 'everyone must be converted, subjugated or killed.'

It is unbelievable how they keep a straight face while prevaricating.

Is there a legitimate school of thought in Islam that dismisses the Medina verses as appropriate for times of conflict, and takes the Meccan verses as guidelines for other times?

Or, is it some sinister, devious subterfuge ongoing, that wants to keep even most of the followers in the dark, lest they all leave Islam and then the real culprits have no cover left?

Susan said...

Consider this, the start dat for Islam. Does it begine with the Prophet's birth? No.
Does it begin with the Prophet's first revelations? No. It begins after the Prophet got to Medina and became a Warlord. Kinda says it all. BUT the Mecca verses are left in the Qu'ran which is not bound chronologially so that revelation can be progressive. Like if you got into Scientology, they wouldn't start you out with the UFO stuff. They would ease you into it.