Tuesday 5 August 2008

The Sana' Manuscripts Part 156 A

The SANA' manuscripts put paid to Muhammadan assertions that the Quran is UNALTERABLE!

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fredoniahead said...

Recent evidence from satellites data, archaeology, manuscripts, etc. show that the ancient qibla for the earliest mosques up to 725 AD ALL 100% of them point toward.....NOT Jerusalem....but....PETRA!!!.

All mosques built between 622 and 725 point to Petra.

From 725 to 822 AD 12% point to Petra, 50% Mecca, and 38% are parallel.

From 822 to present, 100% point to Mecca.

The change toward Mecca was gradual over a 100 year period. It mainly occurred during the Abbasid caliphate.

Petra is the original 'Mecca' and is the original Inviolable Place of Worship mentioned in the Quran as Becca...NOT Jerusalem.

Much evidence is coming to light which shows Muhammad was a sort of folk hero that was redacted back and used as a focal point of the new religion of the conquering Arab tribes that had taken the Byzantine empire. No one man could have possibly have been all of those things that are described to him.

The qibla of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem also points to...PETRA...as does 17 other mosques which were built

This is a proven fact...not an opinion.

For more information if you're interested read "Quranic Geography" by Dan Gibson and see his video on YouTube here:


This is indeed fascinating stuff.

Petra is the original holy city...NOT Mecca!.

The Jews are just finding out the Temple was NOT on the temple mount, but about 600 feet south in the City of David. Jackhammering off the layers of tradition over the truth will prove daunting if not impossible. People are very much emotionally invested in their beliefs, true or not.