Sunday 3 August 2008

Zakir Naik Challenged Part 154 A

Zakir Naik is considered by Muhammadans as UNCHALLENGEABLE.

Is he?

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Unknown said...

Yes,India-muslims as any indians they can not practics any religions without exageretions and deform it.It's part of their nature
all of them from A.deedat,Z.naik,A.
shabir and so on,they use religous
debat as celebrety tools and the same time they don't know neither
bible,koran or arabic languesh.I was in arabs countries never one can see arabs-muslims call debat with arabs-christians,no.But indians-muslims interpreting bilble
in their own ways.they try hard and sick that koran is pure from God but koran fails.I'm muslim but
fed up totaly. thanks to arabs-christians to bring out these hiding history of koran.