Sunday 3 August 2008

Two States: Israel & Palestine Part 146 A

Is the Two States solution for the peaceful settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict a new concept? Listen & be surprised to 3 chapters.


Anonymous said...

i love your series but i have to leave the remark on this cahpter that there are no archeological or historical sources that confirm the enslavement of the israelites in egypt or that the exodus. in fact the hebrews were visitors there for 430 years, and they learned derived or copied a LOT of their stories, beliefs and customs from the Egyptians, since akhenaten even invented monotheism. christianity is also partly based on egyptian concepts.

keep on bashing the sick muhammadan cult !!

Christian said...

Ofcourse there is sufficient archeological evidence for the exodus, the red sea crossing, the mountain of sinai (jabal al lawz), sodom and gomorrah and much much much much more.... The tower of babel (e te men an ki)

If your atheist archeologic club won't have the guts to study the actual evidence and the actual archeological remains then there is no sollution. For us, the rest of humanity, the archeological remains are WELL PRESERVED, and everyone in the world can go see these things for themselves.. I included the videos to settle the debate.

There is sufficient evidence for everything the bible claims. And claims like there is no evidence for the exodus are as foolish as claims like there is no sun in the sky. If you stick yur head in the sand like an ostrich you will never find out. But it's only because you refuse to see.