Monday 7 June 2010

Allah or al Rahman ? Part 225A (AB&C)

Does al Rahman in the Quran mean 'Allah Most Gracious' or is it actually the NAME
of the god of the Yemenites?


Insaankhan said...


the way you speak, write and the enthusiasm you have all show the HATRED you have for a particular belief system...

Moreover, Hadhakllah is a gift i can give you!

Contenment can come with nothing but TRUTH 'that is' not the one 'that isnt'

live and die in PEACE or
Live in Hatred or Die in Doom!

Choice is Person Specific!

Semper Wulf said...

You have silent and nameless allies. Keep up the good work. I will link you to my blogs.

May God, Freedom and Liberty Reign! :-)

cmclvr said...

"...the way you speak, write and the enthusiasm you have all show the HATRED you have for a particular belief system.."

Thus, comments a brainwashed person wedded to the evil cult. He had a chance to refute you by pointing out fallacies and mistakes in your presentation of views and facts. He knows that he can do nothing of that sort other than passing a stupid judgment.
Let me modify it to fit facts and reality.
"...the way you speak, write and the enthusiasm you have shows the in depth understanding you have for a particular cult belief system called Islam and the evil threats posed by it to freedom, liberty and modern civilization..."
You are so authoritative in presenting facts that your interviews appeal to the basic thought process of every non-Muslim and one finds nothing to contradict what you say whatever may be the other sources referred to find a fallacy. The enormous concern evident in your tone convinces that you are a very knowledgeable person talking about your findings about an evil cult. Your courageous effort has helped thousands of people to become aware of the evil nature of Islam. Your noble contributions are more effective and significant than other courageous people who are endangering their lives in exposing evils of Islam. It is so because of your straight forward talks stressing the facts in variety of Radio channels. I am impressed by your repeated challenges to disprove your assertions. I am sure you will end up receiving only choicest curses instead of any challenges. Keep up the great work, Sir.

wbiggerstaff said...

Why do you dedicate SO MUCH of your time bashing Islam? I'm not saying I'm for Islam, I just don't hardly see why you would go through so much trouble and spend so much of your time trying to make it look worse than it already does. As if people don't already think Muslims are terrorists anyway. So what's the deal?