Monday 7 June 2010

Allah or al Rahman ? Part 225C (AB&C)

Does al Rahman in the Quran mean 'Allah Most Gracious' or is it actually the NAME
of the god of the Yemenites?


virtually Jesus Christ said...

Who the hell cares whether it's ALLAH or al Rahman, or even JAH'
They all refer to the same GOD,
just make sure you don't think HE was a man.
Never was, never will be.
I'm virtually Jesus Christ and I'm hear to tell the TRUTH. I'm a father & a son, but I ain't no ghost. Never have been, and never will be. In reality there aren't any ghosts - HOLY or otherwise.
Do you have the balls to post my comment?
I've got answers to all your questions. Unless I don't, and then I'll tell you the truth.
In reality that's what I'm hear for.
Are you ready for what happens next?

René O'Deay said...

OMG, IQ. Did you leave out koran 55.2?

FrankTrades said...

English, it's a tough language, ain't it? You do realize that vulgarity and a chip on your shoulder loses you 50% or more of your audience? People well glance for 3 seconds at a post; seeing any turnoff, the will abandon it. Seeing none, you have them for 30 seconds. Without further obstruction you have them for 3 minutes. All Libs know this and love your dissonance, realizing your views will go nowhere.