Saturday 12 June 2010

Judea or Palestine? Part 227B (A&B)

If there was a country called Palestine and its people Palestinians,
are there any historical and archaeological records or monuments to attest to their existence?


Reconciled! said...

Al Rassooli,
Blessings in Christ my dear Brother. How do we protest to Youtube for censoring your Youtube acct. I suppose speaking the truth has become unlawful. I will continue to support you my brother as you are doing a great work in Christ with regards to exposing darkness.


Anonymous said...
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bhigr said...

Hello Al Rassouli. This is bhigr. It is shameful that youtube has banned you. If I can download your videos, I shall post them on my channel.

ninjabi.cupcake said...

Christ? Why would you expect that God is like his creation? Why do you think that GOD would need to come to this earth and be tested like you and me. This whole life is a test, right? Otherwise, why do we DIE? ...exactly. Think about it...

la ilaha ila la... there is no flaw in islam, it is perfect.... people, however, are not.

If you believe in "Christ" you would know about that!

ThinkerPool4 said...

To : ninjabi.cupcake
If islam is flawless, why is there no less than 260 verses in the Quran that urges violence, discrimination, desecration and hatred towards jews, christians and non-muslims? What do you c flawless in that? What do you see spiritual in that? Why do people need to fight 'in the cause of Allah'? Do Allah-almighty need you to make his word comes true?

Unknown said...

I'm listening right now to you on my blogtalk radio.Great statements you made there.
I'm happy to hear that there are people wise enough and brave enough to confront Islam.I love the point you made about Islamophobia ,i had exactly the same idea abou this it's not irrational.Keep up what you are doing and educate others so that this evil cancer stops spreading

virtually Jesus Christ said...

Hello my friends, I'm virtually Jesus Christ whether you like it or not. To tell you the truth I'm a Muslim man. In reality I'm hear to explain the TRUTH to the world.
Are you ready for what comes next?
My youtube channel hasn't been deleted at the moment. In reality the reason may be the TRUTH.
Do you get it? If not, maybe you should smoke a joint, and become a rastaman instead.
Any way you look at it, the truth is still the same. God was never a man, and he won't be returning as such. Nor will superman. C'est la vie.
I'd decide what to do next before it's too late.
Mind you, the choice has always been yours.

Unknown said...

Revan, Christ's Greetings Sir.

May GOD Bless You Brother..I am a Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem and I was told that My Great Grandfather was from a Christian Town mentioned in the Bible as Aphrah However, A family Tree Drawing was released to us showing that we are from Gaza area. I Just listened to your Post about Gaza..Thank You So Much..I am still trying to Tie my Christian Family to the Muslim Populated Gaza...Ohh Dear GOD That means that My Ancestors resisted the Idiocy of Islam way back in History..Onward for the Truth...Christ Greetings to All.

. said...

burn the Koran is an option.
burn the Koran is a good deed.
burn the Koran help save the soul of Muhammad.
Muhammad said that Allah was the greatest deceiver.
So Mohammed is in hell.
The current Koran, does not come to Mohammed.
Muhammad did not write a single letter.
then the devil is angry with Muhammad.
We need to help Mohammed.
Because no Muslim wanted or wants to help.

virtually Jesus Christ said...

Period says to burn the Qur'an, but in reality that will not do a thing to help any Palestinian.
Whether that being is a jew, christian, or muslim.
I HOPE you understand...
if you want CHANGE...
it must begin from within.
asalam alakum all!
Allahu Akbar!
wouldn't you agree? maybe in a different language it'd help you to understand:
Peace be with YOU,
& GOD is Great!
get it now?
with an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

Unknown said...

Sir i applaude for your great work, instead of so many odds your bringing us the truth of islam into light. If anyone still cannot understand the dangers of Islam, then even the real god cannot save him.
Sir a Standing Salute for Your work.
--True Hindu

Unknown said...

Sir I applaude for your great work for bringing the danger side of Islam into light. Still if the people cannot understand or dont want to understand the evil of this cult, then even a real god cannot save them.
---True Hindu

AFSAR said...

sir is not doing the real work as claimed above. his duty is to deceive people with false allegations.

AFSAR said...

The non-Muslim verdict on Muhammad (PBUH) If a man like Muhamed were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness.

George Bernard Shaw

AFSAR said...

Muhammad was the soul of kindness, and his influence was felt and never forgotten by those around him.

Diwan Chand Sharma, The Prophets of the East, Calcutta 1935, p. l 22.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cursed black plague which brings only death to its potential host, like a infectious virus ...Islam infects every aspect of civilized society it, symptoms in Europe were ignored,until it has reached a terminal crisis. Until people begin to see it for what it truly a plague upon mankind, its deadly contamination will persist.

Amel soname said...

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Amin said...

Does the Qur'an say that Palestine/Israel belongs to the Muslims or to the Jews?