Monday 7 June 2010

The Gaza Flotilla Part 226B (A&B)

Was the Gaza Flotilla for Humanitarian purposes or to PROVOKE
the Israelis to score a propaganda victory?

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Cmclvr said...

Flotilla was full of camouflaged terrorists. They were not deliberately allowed to carry deadly arms. Israel should have anticipated this simple fact and devised a suitable strategy to expose them. It is a matter of surprise for me that the nation of Israel is very poor in exposing the cult of Islam. Its impact will be deadly if it can do the job as efficiently as you are able to do. Israel's stupidity in this is amazing.
The civilized world is indebted to courageous persons like you who are determined to expose the dangers posed by the brainwashed followers of a criminal cult started by an evil and perverted man ever to walk on earth.
There are few equals to you in authority and clarity. It is a matter of great education to regularly hear your discourses exposing the cult on Gathering storm Radio. It is my most favourite programme. I am rather impatient to wait for you to return till Aug 23.
It is a pity that truth and facts as stated by you has been blocked on You Tube. It is mainly due to the money clout the cultists enjoy on account of easy petro dollars. It is a great victory for you that no one is able to refute your charges against Mohammaden Islam. Ultimately, truth will prevail and persons like you are nothing but its messaiahs
I love your surity and style of your expressions. Had a person like you were there while the evil crook was building his mafia empire in the 3rd century, the world would have been spared from the curse of Mohammeden Islam.