Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Accusations against Muhammadan Islam Part 1A

We accuse Muhammad & his Quran of the following:


Veet Vivarto said...

Dear I.Q.
I love your talks, admire your intelligence and your passion.
Please provide a link for download of your talks.
I would like to download all of them and listen on my mp3 player.

I will be happy to pay for the download if that's required.
Thank you

I regret that this excellent and critically important material is tucked away on a website that is very hard to navigate and hard to use.
Perhaps we could start looking for a gifted website designer to fix this. The message is too important to remain obscure...
Thanks again and please let me download your talks.

Unknown said...

Please provide the references from the quran shareef about Islam.

Eaalim said...

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