Tuesday 1 July 2008

Introduction Part 1


Miri said...

Great job! So correct and accurate!

Luis !!! said...

I want to translate your work to the spanish language, is there transcripts of these videos ?

Unknown said...

The video is not working. I didn't get the information about Islam and quran shareef.

Unknown said...

Greetings, I. Q. al Rassooli:
Curiously, despite my having become familiar with the brave and necessary work of such tireless critics of the widely and gravely misunderstood and falsely named "religion of peace" such as Pat Condell, Robert Spencer, and David Wood, largely on the basis of their Internet presence, it is only in the last few days that I have finally found your parallel efforts on the Web.

What immediately sets your discussion apart is the clarity with which you analyze what is
called Islam as a cult of personality --the cult of the so-called prophet and messenger of
Allah, Muhammad. In this regard, you are to be congratulated for taking the logical first step
in the deconstruction and demystification of the foundational doctrines and of the history of
its adherents by returning us to the rightful use of the names "Mohammadanism" and "Mohammans," terms that were used earlier, at least in the West, because they paralleled those employed to identify its own spiritual and philosophical traditions. Whether as Platonists, Aristotelians, or Marxists, or followers of the Law of Moses, Christians or Nazarenes, Buddhists, or Confucians, the proponents and followers of the eponymous founders of these teachings were content, if not in fact desirous, to memorialize the names of their masters by adopting them as their own.

This usage served not only as a confession of debt to individual human achievement but also its corollary: the historical determinism of any such achievement. However, the use of the term "Islam" by those preferring to be called "Muslim" seeks to evade, and indeed deny, the historical contingency of the genesis of Mohammadanism in the past even while its adherents seek the violent overthrow of history in the present. It is therefore to be hoped that other critics of Islam, so-called, emulate the choice you have to use names that insist on the essential truth that its genesis lies with one very human man at one very particular time and

Anirudh Cheruvu said...

Hello Sir, I'm your fan. As a fellow human being, I can sense the compassion you feel for humanity, and I admire your research, conclusions and initiative. Your findings are quite intimidating and I am increasingly concerned about your life. I pray that the universal consciousness protects and saves your life. As a fellow human being, what can I do?

Romaniangirl said...

Hi Rassooli,

I am writing you from uk / I got a message that I really appreciate your words and I found you on youtube. As I got my ex bf arab and also I still have my best friend /she is from morroco I was concerned as normal. I love her so much and I want to be with me always
I bought your book / I cant wait for it to arrive on 29 oct / I got the quraan / I believe in Bible 100%
I got a message for you :God to be with you in all your paths , to protect you and your family and to give you power .
Ephesen 1:13 in Bible
and for all christians be strong nowdays and follow Jesus as he taught us and for all people hope this info will help .
Let God bless you all all over the world . Amen

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