Saturday 12 June 2010

Judea or Palestine? Part 227A (A&B)

If there was a country called Palestine and its people Palestinians,
are there any historical and archaeological records or monuments to attest to their existence?


Aleph Tav said...

Dear AhmadsQuran3. You have the ability to destroy Islam on blog by pointing out the fact that, contrary to what Muslims say, the Quran "confirms and reminds that which went before it" (i.e. the Bible), meaning that the Bible is NOT corrupted, but, according to Quran surah 5:68, is something to "stand FIRM upon". WORSE for Islam, is the fact that Quran 10:94tells Muslims that IF they are in doubt about the Quran, they are to go to those who have READ the "before Scriptures" (i.e. Bible). Another fatal flaw of the Quran, which destroys Islam, is that the Quran says Allah's words "can't be changed or altered" (6:115), and THAT is the "Supreme Triumph" of the Quran (10:64) that it CAN'T be "changed pr altered. And SINCE the Quran says the Bible "before Scriptures", the "Book" (which makes the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) that the Quran talks a LOT about), well, SINCE the Bible is supposed to be Allah's words, then the Quran is a lie IF the Bible is corrupted as Muslims say it is.

one of your students of Islam.

ich1baN said...

@ Aleph Tav

You should watch his other video "Errors in the Quran" #90

He exposes many errors in the Quran from a historical, grammatical, linguistic, philosophical, theological and Biblical falsehoods contained in it.

My question for the so kind and generous AhmadsQuran3 is; are both ways of spelling Quran acceptable? I see it spelled 'Koran' as well. Just curious, thank you.



Semper Wulf said...

Ok, added your link. Something that might help: Read about the Covenant that God promised to Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, in Genesis. I hope this will be a major blessing for you. Also there is a reference in Acts to Arabs visiting the Temple of God in Jerusalem to worship God there in the Court of the Gentiles. I hope this will also bless you as well. May the GOD of Abraham and Ishmael guide your steps in the good fight.

johnsmith said...

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